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New Dollar General store could be coming to Bell

The Bell Town council welcomed Linda Biro and Paul Marcike to their Thursday, June 11 meeting. Ms Biro of HSC Bell, LLC the development group and Mr. Marcike, an engineer with JADE Consultants, were the representatives seeking a Conditional Use Permit for a site plan to construct a new larger Dollar General store in the Town of Bell. Attorney David M Lang, Jr. presented the councilmen and staff with drawings of the retail store to be built in northeast Bell. Mr. Lang reviewed the proposed development drawings identifying numerous issues that were inconsistent with the Town of Bell guidelines. The overall store was reported to be 10,640 square feet. Mr. Lang and the Council determined for that size of store, there would need to be 53 parking spaces for customers. The engineer and project developer explained that this store would have over 800 square foot of storage, which would reduce the parking spaces back to 43.
Bell residents living in the northeast community requested the Bell Council to have a nice 8-foot privacy fence to be placed on the store property to give the residents privacy from the retail store.
Mr. Lang reviewed and showed the engineer where a line identifying a portion of the legal description had been left off the drawings that had been furnished to the Town of Bell. The attorney gave the engineer the correct description and asked that to be corrected on the plan. Mr. Lang identified that the storm water retention area for this building and paved area would need to be enlarged from what the plan identified. The council asked if the storm water retention areas would be grassed and fenced? The engineer explained that the storm water areas would be grassed and maintained, but would be left open.
A discussion among the council members resulted in Councilman Moore making a motion to approve the Conditional Use Permit for Site Plan for the Dollar General Store application providing that the development group upgrades the proposed plan with the list of changes that was confirmed by the Bell Town Council and staff. Councilman Blankenship gave a second to the motion before the board approved the motion by a 5-0 vote.
Lindo Biro was asked once the construction permit is approved, how long would it take for the new store to be open? She explained that the development group has their own construction team and she estimated it would take 150 days to complete the construction if everything goes well.
Michelle Rose, Bell Town Clerk reported to the Council that the Town of Bell does not have any hand sanitizer for the public to use in the Town Hall and in the Bell Community Center. Ms Rose reported that she had received information on a local individual who was selling the hand sanitizer and dispensers for $149.95 and $199.95. Councilman Blankenship made a motion to purchase the package of hand sanitizer providing several containers and a refill for $149.95. Councilman Moore gave a second to the motion before the Council approved the purchase by a unanimous vote.
Ms Rose reported that a camper trailer had been parked behind the former Drummond Community Bank in northwest Bell. She explained that a group of construction workers have begun putting on a shingle roof on the commercial building and she did not see a permit posted for this construction.
Mr Lang reported that the Town Clerk would contact the Gilchrist Building Department on Friday to check and see if the construction group had purchased a permit to install a new shingle roof to the building. Councilman Moore explained that he would stop by the building on Friday to check on this issue to see if everything is correct.
The Bell Town Council is now meeting in the Bell Community Center on the second Thursday of the month beginning at 6 p.m. The public is welcome to attend these meetings.

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