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Traveling Cactus Nursery and Greenhouse keeping local entrepreneur busy

Years ago when Christin Williams attended Trenton High School she never dreamed that one day she would be the owner of Traveling Cactus Greenhouse. Back then she had just moved to Trenton from Fort Myers and was a little homesick.
After school Christin spent a good many years working as a waitress in several local restaurants. After 22 years Christin decided it was time for a career in what she really loved, growing succulents and cactus. So in September 2019 she opened Traveling Cactus Greenhouse which specializes in traditional sticky cactus but more so in the very popular succulent plants. Succulents and Cactus Plants both store water in their leaves. Because of this, succulents thrive in dry hot humid conditions.
As it turns out, Christin started her business at a perfect time. She decided to go into business for herself doing something she really loved, which was tending, propagating and selling succulents and cactus. Christin said “Long, long before they (succulents) became popular, I had collected them for many years.” She credits her grandmother for inspiring her interest in plants. “My sweet granny had a green thumb and was really into plants.”
She spent a lot of time studying them and learning the best ways to plant and water the succulents before opening her business. She said some people are not successful growing cactus or succulents because they overwater them. Her watering tip is to watch the leaves and when they are no longer plump and seem almost wilted they need watering. Succulents should never be watered more often than once a week. They also like morning light and should not be moved if they are doing well in their location.
On Friday morning, Christin was busy preparing for a Branford plant party which was to be held on Saturday for 20 ladies. She enjoys going to children’s birthday parties and teaching them about plants. One of her favorite parts of the business is hosting workshops and attending parties to encourage people to develop a love for plants and hopefully a lifetime hobby. Recently she has been making wedding bouquets and arrangements from succulents. She will also make gift pots of succulents for special occasions like birthdays and she also delivers. Her selection of pots and containers are varied and include such items as a terrarium and bird cages.
The Traveling Cactus’ 15x60 greenhouse has hundreds of varieties of cactus and succulents and the selection is always changing because new shipments of the plants arrive from the west coast every Monday.
On July 24 the Traveling Cactus will be hosting a workshop at the Gathering Table Restaurant in Chiefland. Tickets will be on sale on the Traveling Cactus and Greenhouse facebook page.
When she is not selling plants from her greenhouse in Trenton, she is traveling to farmers markets such as the farmers market at Celebration Point which is open from 4-7 on Wednesdays. She also sets up often at the 441 Farmers Market on Saturday in Gaineville. The Traveling Cactus also travels to many plant festivals in the Spring and Fall, where Christin promotes her business in Trenton while selling plants.
For more information about the business call 352-440-1070. The Traveling Cactus is located at 210 SE 95th Place, Trenton.