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Trump 2020 supporters hold Boat Parade on Sunday afternoon

The Suwannee River was the venue for a show of support for President Trump on Sunday afternoon, May 31. Some 250 or so boats flying the American flag and Trump 2020 flags plied the brackish water of the Suwannee during a grass roots organized event from noon until around 5 p.m.
Boaters from the Santa Fe River area south to the Town of Suwannee joined in the Trump Parade.
This is the first Trump 2020 boat parade held on the Suwannee River, but nationally over the past month or so, such rallies on the water have spread throughout the nation. It is believed they may have started in South Florida on the Intercoastal Waterway. Palm Beach County’s Trump boat parade had around 1,200 boats in early May called the “Trumptilla.”
Another report stated the large boat parades which began organically among MAGA devotees in South Florida and spread to Florida’s Gulf Coast, Arizona’s Lake Havasu, South Carolina’s Charleston Harbor and Southern California’s Newport Harbor during Memorial Day weekend.
One of the participants in Sunday’s Trump Boat Parade on the Suwannee River reported that it was a peaceful event enjoyed by all those who participated.