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County Tax Collector’s Office in Trenton moves to new location

Tax Collector Michael McElroy was pleased to open the front door to the Tax Collector’s new Office in Trenton. The building is situated next door to the County Commission Meeting Room that was formerly Trenton Church of Christ. The new Tax Collector’s building was used years ago as the church’s Sunday School annex. More recently the county owned building was used part time by the Gilchrist County Chamber, Veterans’ Services Office and Public Defenders Trenton Office.
The remodeling project began in June shortly after the Gilchrist County Commissioners gave their approval. The Tax Collector’s Office officially opened to the public on Friday, July 10.
From the time you step onto the covered walkway or porch, the Tax Collector’s Office has a new welcoming feel. With white rockers and potted plants, the porch has a friendly inviting atmosphere. The front office has a large counter where the staff greet and help citizens with their needs whether it is tag and title, property taxes or fishing and hunting licenses. The friendly staff is ready to assist citizens with their needs from the new office which they all seem to be very proud of. Tax Collector McElroy’s office has a large plate glass window into the lobby customer counter area so he can assist citizens if the need arises.
The new office building has almost 600 square feet more space than the former office in the Courthouse. The extra space will allow for the addition of Drivers License Services. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles are scheduled to install the equipment to issue drivers licenses in the office later this month. The remodeling project included two areas for test taking, a location for the camera for photos, and an area behind the front customer counter for the driver’s license computer equipment.
The Tax Collector has petitioned the Florida Department of Agriculture to provide a Concealed Weapons applications in the office which would include finger printing, and photos for the application. At this time Florida Department of Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried has deemed Concealed Weapons Permits equipment non essential (due to Covid) so that equipment is on hold until her office decides to install the equipment.
Another feature the newly remodeled building has is a state of the art security system that is connected to the courthouse. The system includes motion detection and auto lighting. It also features cameras that the GCSO Officers at the courthouse are monitoring on screens during the hours the office is open. The officers also make security checks throughout the day at the new office.
The staff at the Tax Collector’s office moved the office contents and set up the office on Thursday, July 9. Michael McElroy, Gilchrist County Tax Collector stated, “Thanks to the Bell Town Council approving our satellite office located in the Bell Library, we were able to refer all tag, title, tax and FWC License needs to the Bell office for processing. This provided our residents an alternate location with no interruption, while the Trenton office briefly closed during our move.” Tax Collector McElroy stated they will hold a ribbon cutting for the new Trenton Office in the near future.
The former Tax Collector’s office space in the Courthouse will become the new Supervisor of Elections Office in the near future. Connie Sanchez, the Gilchrist County Supervisor of Elections, is very pleased with the prospect of a new office which will give her staff more room. She plans to install a new customer service counter to help citizens similar to the one that is at the office now but customized to meet the needs of local voters. Supervisor of Elections Sanchez said she also hopes to have new flooring and some painting work done.
She is not sure at this time if she will be able to switch offices before the election.