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Gilchrist County School District releases school opening plans

The COVID-19 Virus will make opening of schools this school term extra challenging throughout the state and country.
Last week the Gilchrist County School District (GCSD) released their reopening plans.
The plan calls for the staff at all four of the GCSD schools to be at work on Monday, August 3. Meet your Teacher will be held August 4-7 and Monday, August 10 will be the first day of school.
Meet Your Teacher will take place for students in PreK-Grade 8 instead of the traditional Open Houses. Parents/Guardians will be contacted by your child’s teacher to schedule a time for you to come to school to meet the teacher. Each family will have their own appointment. High School Students will receive a phone home message to preview their schedule prior to August 10.
This school term custodial staff will be wiping down high touch areas during the school day. Each class will have access to hand sanitizers. The GCSD has purchased cleaning products that will ward off germs on surfaces for up to 90 days. Each staff member will be provided a mask for optional use.
Bus Transportation will be run as normal. Parents or guardians are encouraged to bring their children to school. Masks provided by the parent may be worn by students riding on the bus. Buses will be sanitized after every completed route with germ killing products.
The Gilchrist County Health Department’s Registered Nurse that oversees the Health Care Plans for the most medically vulnerable students is conducting a review of the plans.
Visitors are allowed on campus for prescheduled meetings only. Parents are asked to call for an appointment. It is requested that meetings be held between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. if possible.
During car drop-off at school all adults should remain in the vehicle. Children will be dropped-off in the school designated drop-off area.
Students will be released from the bus one bus at a time in the bus drop-off area. Teacher and staff will report directly to their classrooms or designated area upon arrival to work. Temperature checks will be available for staff upon request. Masks will be provided for staff but optional for use.
Students will report directly to their classroom once gates open. Students will follow designated routes to provide distance upon entering campus. Breakfast will be provided each day in the classrooms.
PreK to 5th grade will stagger start the first four days of school with students only showing up on their assigned day. All students would report to school on Friday, August 14. GCSD stated that it has been a long time since we were last together at school. Let’s start slow.
PreK to 5th grade students will remain in one classroom for all instruction. Teachers will swap when needed.
Elementary students will move on campus in lines one arm’s length apart. This will include buddy walkers to the office.
Middle/High hallways will have striped floors for hallway traffic flow. Students will use exterior classroom doors more to reduce traffic in hallways during transition of classes.
Lunch for grades K to 12 will take place in the cafeteria. Lunch schedules will be redesigned with additional lunch periods to reduce the number of students in the cafeteria at a time. Students will not be entering a number for lunch, the food service workers will be taking care of that task for all students.
Bathrooms will be well stocked to ensure soap/water and paper towels are available when used throughout the school day at all campuses for proper hygiene.
Middle/High school students will not be assigned a locker this year.
All unnecessary furniture/items maybe removed from classrooms. Also items that can not easily be cleaned like bean bag chairs, may be removed. Each teacher will set up the classroom in the best way possible to maximize social distancing.
Student supplies will need to be in excess in the classroom to avoid sharing. Centers will still take place in the classroom with as much social distancing as possible.
Middle School laptops will be checked back in at the end of the day to be cleaned and sanitized for use the next day. Sanitation wipes will be in all computer labs for keyboard and headphone disinfecting as students leave the lab.
School Campuses will be closed to use by the public.
Awards and celebrations will take place in the classroom. GCSD is encouraging virtual participation by parents/guardians when appropriate.
Elementary students will have recess but in strategic and different locations. Teachers will create a recess calendar indicating the location of recess for the day. Locations will change throughout the week. A bag of outdoor related games will be provided for days classes are not assigned to the playground.
During the Elementary PE wheel additional adults will be added to separate students more during required PE time. During Middle/High PE small groups of students at a time will dress-in and dress-out for PE class.
Following the state’s dimmer switch approach with gradual reentry middle/high athletics began in June with the conditioning of athletes.