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Lancaster Blvd in Trenton to be paved

Hopefully this week a SCOP Grant paving project in Trenton will begin on NE Lancaster Boulevard from Main Street all the way to Suwannee Valley Feeds. Then the paving project will turn left on NE 5th Terrace and travel down until it reaches State Road 47. The SCOP Grant was for $625,000, and the paving work will be done by Hipp Construction.
Residents of Trenton may notice surveying around Trenton for a future CDBG Grant project which will include a Waste Water Plant update. This project will take as much as two years to complete.
Several downtown streets will be paved as well as the lot across from the Wulfy’s Grill (former Cracker Box Restaurant) on NW 1st Ave. will be paved and also the lot in front of the City Bar will be paved. Both will provide additional downtown parking. These paving projects will be done in the CRA District of town.