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2021 Suwannee River Youth Fair Board of Directors

During the Annual Meeting of the Suwannee River Fair Association held on Tuesday, August 25, several new programs, a new cattle show and a new cake decoration contest was announced.
Other important events of the evening was the annual election of Fair Board Members. This year Dixie County had Tracy Groom and Dalton Long up for election. Gilchrist County had Adam Elliott and Natalie Hodge up for election. Levy County had Scott Mills and Bud Sharp. All the Board of Directors from each county retained their seat with no opposition.
The Officers also remained the same. Loran Brookins is the President, Frank Bussard is Vice President and Scott Mills is Secretary/Treasurer. The Grievance Committee is Natalie Hodge, Jaime NesSmith and Lint Jerrels.
A Bull Show has been added to the cattle shows. Houston McKenzie is the show superintendent and the show committee is Lint Jerrels, Dalton Long and Bud Sharp. Bull must be 0-24 months of age. A nose ring is required for bulls 6-24 months of age. Participants can show as many as 3 bulls. Any evidence of tampering with a bull (such as the use of unapproved drugs) will automatically be disqualified. Bull will be classed by weight with no more than 8 bulls in a class. The Bull Show is planned for Saturday, March 6, at 1:30 p.m.
The upcoming fair will also feature a Cake Decorating Contest as part of the Creative Life Skills contest. Darbi Meisner will be the contest superintendent. Contestants have 20 minutes to decorate 6 cupcakes. There will be individual contests for Primary, Junior and Senior Division.
New at the 2021 fair will be an Ambassador Program. The Ambassador program focuses on recognizing fair participants for their leadership qualities. Selected students will serve as role models to younger exhibitors and assist the Suwannee River Fair Board and Superintendents when needed.
Participants must be in the 10th grade, have a 2.0 GPA and must be a 4-H or FFA member. They must also attend all meetings of the Suwannee River Fair Ambassadors and volunteer a minimum of 12 hours during the fair. Another new program is the Junior Fair Board Program which is open to those 18-25 years old who might one day want to be on the Fair Board. Members must attend all Junior Fair Board Meetings and Chair/Co-Chair elects must attend all Executive Fair Board Meetings.
Other Fair news includes the recent Fat Steer Weigh-In on August 22. Some 30 fat steers were weighed in. Upcoming Weigh-In/Tag-Ins feeder steers on Friday, December 4 and Swine on Saturday, December 5. Other important dates to remember are Wether Goat entry form due on December 1, and the entry forms for BBQ, bulls, dairy cows, dog, doe goat, heifer, horse, poultry and rabbit entry forms are due December 1.