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County Commission tables decision on Pine Ridge RV Park until October 5th meeting

By John Ayers
The Gilchrist County Commission had a capacity crowd attend the 4 p.m. Monday meeting, many of these residents and property owners shared their opinion that the proposed Pine Ridge RV Park is not compatible with the agriculture zoned, open spaced residential area. This Special Use Permit hearing was scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m. as over thirty people, mostly residents that live in the northeast Gilchrist County area, had signed cards to tell the Board of Commissioners how they felt about this proposed impact into their quiet, peaceful neighborhood.
At 9:25 p.m. the Commission had allowed all of the people to express themselves involving the SUP application before it became their time to make a decision. Commissioner Sharon Langford had explained at the beginning of the meeting that she had submitted a conflict of interest memo because her cousin was a spokesperson involved in one of the groups that was presenting information against the RV Park being located on SR 47 in northeast Gilchrist County.
Commission Chairman Todd Gray reported that he felt that he needed additional information on the traffic that travels east and west on County Road 340. He pointed out that the applicant did not give information about CR-340 in their FDOT Traffic Study. The board learned that the high volume of traffic on CR 340 east at the entrance of Ginnie Springs is often blocked by congestion and parking on the road shoulders during the weekends.
Commissioner Bill Martin reported that he too would like to see more information on the traffic of CR 340. He also requested that the RV Park applicant should try to provide more room to expand the natural buffer areas on the North and South sides of the proposed RV Park layout design.
Commissioner Kenrick Thomas made a motion to deny SUP 2020-07 based on a decision that this RV Park would have a major impact on the roadway system in Northeast Gilchrist County. Commissioner Marion Poitevint gave a second to the motion. Attorney David M Lang questioned the Commissioner’s motion to determine if he had based it on factual evidence that would withstand a legal challenge by someone that opposed the decision by the Commission. The Chairman called for a decision as the board reached a stalemate with a 2-2 vote.
Commissioner Martin made a motion to table a decision on SUP 2020-07 to allow staff and the applicant time to consider providing more of a buffer on the South and North boundaries of the RV Park development. Commissioner Martin asked for more information on the traffic count traveling on CR-340, especially during weekend periods. Commissioner Thomas gave the motion a second as the board agreed to continue discussing this application at their October 5th meeting.