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Frances Martin Celebrates 100th Birthday

A very special occasion will be observed this week as Mrs. Frances Martin Celebrates her 100th Birthday on September 17th.
Frances Fellows grew up in Ashford, Alabama. She was one of seven girls in her family. She married O.S. Martin of Bell in July of 1940. She and Mr. O.S. lived on a farm outside Bell for many years. She was a homemaker and worked a few years at for the prison and then the Department of Agriculture.
Mrs. Martin is a resident at Ayers Health and Rehabilitation Center in Trenton and she enjoyed a recent visit from three of her four grandchildren.
The Martins had two children, Hugh Martin and Cherry Halter who both live in Bell. Mrs. Frances attended Bethel Church of Christ for many years.
She is known for her kindness, always staying calm and never complaining.
Her many friends in Gilchrist County wish Mrs. Martin a very Happy 100th Birthday.