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2020 Trenton High School Homecoming Royalty

The 2020 Homecoming Queen was Raelin Colley and the King was Blake Herrington.
The 2020 Trenton High School Homecoming Tiger Growl and Parade were enjoyed by all. The Thursday night Tiger Growl was lots of fun with cheer dance routines by the JV and Varsity Cheerleaders. The Tiger Football team was cheered on by the loud crowd.
High School classes competed for best skit. The 9th grade’s Golden Girls skit took 1st place. The 2nd place winners were the senior class with their Friends skit. 3rd place went to the sophomores with Saved by the Bell skit.
Middle school classes competed for best commercial, aka, skit. The 6th grade came in first with their Home Improvement commercial/skit and 2nd place went to the 7th grade with All That and The faculty with Jumanji skit by the 8th grade took 3rd place.
The High School floats this year were really good. During the parade which was held on Friday morning the judges chose the 10th grade with their Saved by the Bell Float to place 1st. The 9th graders took 2nd place with their Golden Girls float. The 11th grade placed 3rd with a Boy Meets World float.
Middle School students worked hard on their Homecoming floats. The 1st place Middle School Float Award was given to the 6th grade for their Home Improvement float. The 8th grade came in second with a Full House float. The 7th grade placed 3rd with their All That float.