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Barb’s Pet World opens in downtown Trenton

By Cindy Jo Ayers
Pet folks will be happy to know that Gilchrist County has it’s very own pet store. Barbara Scott who has lived in the county since 2002 opened Barb’s Pet World recently. The store which features birds, exotic fish, reptiles, puppies, kittens and other small animals is located next door to Cherry’s Restaurant at 320 N. Main Street.
Barbara has been a lover of animals from early childhood. For many years she trained horses. Later she worked in sales then she became involved in breeding and raising bird in central Florida. At one time she had five pet shops in the Orlando area.
She became unemployed in March due to the Covid pandemic. At that point she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her working career. Owning a pet shop was something she knew a lot about and truly enjoyed.
After Barbara did some research she found out that there were not any pet shops in the surrounding counties so she opened her shop on Main Street in Trenton.
The pet shop not only contains lots of live fish, birds, and small animals such as hamsters, but she also stocks many types of pet foods, homeopathic foods, even reptile food. The store has a large supply of medicines, vaccines, home and pet flea sprays. She stocks all types of pet supplies a owner might need including aquariums, crates, pet toys and much more.
She said that her best sellers are puppies which she receives each Tuesday. She has many contacts in the pet breeding world and can get almost any kind of animal that a customer wants. She even sells designer cross puppies which are very popular at this time.
If her cage space permits Barbara will take in rescue kittens and work to find them a good home.
The store also features a gift line for the animal lover on anyone’s gift list.
All the feeds sold at Barb’s Pet World are made in the USA and she will stock a special type of food if requested. For the bird lovers she has bulk bird feed and formulated pellets as well as a wide selection of cages.
One of the things that makes Barbara such a special pet shop owner is her vast knowledge of the pets she sells. She will not only sell you a special pet, but she will gladly advise a new pet owner on the type of food and cage they might need. She can even give knowledgeable advice on breeding and even training their new pet.
If you have questions about the new business just call 352-658-8050 or go to www.barbspetworld.com.