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Lady Tigers sweep the Eagles

By Chris Rogers
Last Thursday night, October 1, the Lady Tiger Volleyball team hosted the Lady Eagles of Bronson. All the girls from both schools played with a lot of heart, but at the end of the night the Tiger teams all defended their home court well.
In the middle school games, the lady Eagles served first, scoring the first 3 points of the set but lost the serve on the fourth rally. Olivia Weaver was up to serve first for Trenton, and serve she did. She kept serving the entire first set, the Tigers winning it 25 to 3. Weaver then served up the first 14 points in the second set, before the Eagles figured out a way to stop the Tiger teamwork. The final score of the second set was Trenton 25 and Bronson 10, winning the Tigers the match for middle school.
Watching the JV play, you can see the basic fundamentals of volleyball begin to form into more structured and intentional play. But as they say, “you have to crawl before you walk.” At the chance of running the risk of making it sound like just one person carries the whole team, because they absolutely don’t, I will just say it seemed Clare Watson was everywhere the ball came down. She put up some amazing sets for her team mates, which in turn laid down some amazing kills. Although the scores did get close at times, all of the girls, from both schools played with a lot of heart. None the less, the ladies on the JV team also pulled out two straight wins, ending the match. Set one was 25-15 and set two was 25-14.
The varsity girls took the court on fire that night. Shutting the Lady Eagles down pretty quick in the first two sets. At beginning of the the third set however, the visiting Eagles seemed to be getting into the groove and figuring things out. At one point the score was tied at 5 points each. That closeness quickly passed and the Tigers took the third and final set allowing only three more points. The final scores were 25 to 13, 25 to 7, and 25 to 8. Good job ladies, we look forward to the District Tournament next week in Williston.