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Bucs’ defense stalls Tigers

The Trenton Tiger football team took their opening offensive possession and marched the length of the field to take a 6-0 lead with 3 minutes remaining in the first period. In the second period with less than a minute remaining in the first half the Bucs tied the score at 6-6. The Bucs attempted a 2 pt conversion but failed to execute to take the lead in this game.
The Bucs in the third period held onto the football until 2:00 left when the host scored a touchdown. The Bucs went for a 2-point conversion but fell just short of the goal line as they settled for a 12-6 lead. The Tigers received the kickoff and drove down into the Bucs red zone. The Tigers kicked a field goal to close the host’s lead to 12-9. The Bucs defense played tough and kept the Tigers out of the end zone to take the 12-9 win.
The win finishes the Bucs season at 6-1. The Tigers dropped to 4-5 record and will travel to Mayo to face the Lafayette County Hornets Friday night. This game will kickoff at 7:30 p.m.