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How Gilchrist County Voted

(Last week half of this article was accidently left off of the front page story of the Gilchrist County Journal, we are sorry about the error.)
Gilchrist County voted 77.88% during the November 3, General Election. The County has 12,516 registered voters and 9,748 cast a ballot. Gilchrist County Supervisor of Elections Connie Sanchez, her staff Tracy Sanders and Lisa Darus posted the final vote count at 8:32 p.m. on the night of the election.
Registered voters cast 7,893 ballots in favor of President Donald Trump (Rep) and 1,700 votes for Joseph R. Biden (Dem). President Trump took 81.37% of the total votes. Some 20 people wrote in a Presidential choice, 87 voters selected lesser party candidates.
United States Congressman Dr. Neal Dunn (Rep) took 96.97% of the vote against a write-in candidate.
State Senate District 5 candidate Jennifer Bradley (Rep) received 83.59% of the vote over Melina Rayna Barratt (Dem) who received 16.41% (Barratt had passed away prior to the actual election.)
State Representative District 21 was won by incumbent Chuck Clemons (Rep) with 83.87% present of the vote. Kayser Enneking (Dem) received 16.13% of the vote.
The Justice of the Supreme Court won by 68.70% and all the First District Court of Appeal Judges received a majority of Yes votes in the County.
In Gilchrist County, the Constitutional Amendments votes reflected that some citizens were in favor of some Amendments and against others. Our votes went like this: Amendment 1 (Citizenship requirement to vote in Florida Election) 8,583 yes and 883 no votes. Amendment 2 (Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage) 3,094 yes and 6,402 no votes. Amendment 3 (All voters vote in Primary Election) 4,308 yes and 4,868 no votes. Amendment 4 (Voter Approval of Constitutional Amendments) 4,289 yes and 4,782 no votes. Amendment 5 (Limitation on Homestead Assessments) 6,591 yes and 2,567 no votes. Amendment 6 (Ad Valorem tax discount for spouses of certain deceased Veterans who had permanent combat-related disabilities.) The county voted 8,279 yes and 995 no.
Statewide, four of the six Amendments passed. Amendments 1,2,5 and 6 all passed. While Amendments 3 and 4 failed.
The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners’ Referendum Amending the time and days of sale of alcoholic beverages in the unincorporated areas of Gilchrist County to allow Sunday alcoholic sales. The vote was in favor of allowing alcoholic sales 24 hours a day seven days a week. Some 5,351 citizens voted in favor of the alcoholic Sunday sales and 4,069 voters cast their ballots against allowing Sunday sales of alcoholic beverages. This does not go into effect because of the vote. It will still have to be taken up by the Gilchrist County Commissioners and a majority of commissioners will have to vote in favor of Sunday alcoholic sales for it to pass.
Connie Sanchez reported that our election went off very smoothly this year. She also went on to thank the poll workers who helped with the election.