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Local pecan company suppling quality nuts

Whether you pronounce it “pecans” or “pecons” this Native American nut is a favorite throughout this country. The United States produces 300 million pounds of pecans in a year and is the largest producer of pecans in the world. A few miles South of Trenton just across the Gilchrist/Levy line there is a barn where a Nut Buster pecan cracker whirls pecans around until the shells crack. The Florida made machine, separates the pecans from most of the shell before the nuts fall into a bucket.
Randy Arrington and his son Christopher also known as Red, had no idea they would be selling nuts as fast as they can shell them in the year 2020, when they started their pecan business R & R Pecans four years ago. Randy said his son, Red was excited about expanding the business. Randy said he enjoys visiting with those folks who come by the barn to sell, crack or buy nuts.
The Arrington family has sold nuts to the late Carver Hutchinson for many years that they harvested on their six generation family farm. Mr. Carver would buy nuts at Billy Smith’s Watermelon shed in Trenton each year. Randy’s parents home place where he grew up has several towering Stuart pecan trees. In fact, Randy and Red have been picking up pecans for as long as they can remember so, selling nuts is not new to them.
Mr. Carver and Madeline McCormick have both been in the pecan business for many years in this area. They both have given the Arringtons pointers through the years about the pecan business. Their knowledge has became very helpful as they went into the pecan business in a large way this year. For the past four years their company has purchased local pecans and sold them but in 2020 they added a Nut Buster cracking machine, a shaker and a harvester which actually picks up pecans.
As it turns out pecans cracking for local folks has kept the Arringtons very busy this Fall. People are bringing in pecans in amounts of 25 to 200 pounds at a time to be cracked for home use and some farmers are selling the nuts to the Arringtons. They also sell shelled nuts in several local stores including Hudson Foods convenience stores, Trenton Hardware and Farm Supply as well as Green’s Outdoors and More in Trenton.
The Arringtons make several trips through pecan season from October to early February to buy and sell nuts in Montezuma, Georgia. They often bring back Stuarts and Elliotts back to crack, shell and resale to local customers who are not lucky enough to have pecan trees of their own. So far they have cracked and shelled and sold 2,000 pounds in local retail stores.
During a good year the Arrington’s buy about 10,000 pounds and on a good year they buy about 55,000 pounds of local nuts.
Randy has fond memories of he and his father enjoying the wonderful pecan pies his mother made. Lucille Harris Arrington would often make ten pecan pies every full moon. She learned to bake these pies from her mother Ollie Mae Harris. Mrs. Lucille who was known for her pecan pies, would often say she baked her pies on or very near a full moon because they would set up better. For many years Mrs. Lucille gave pecan pies away to any and everybody who stopped by their farm for a visit.
Through the year’s while working at a regular job Randy and Red have enjoyed many ventures on the farm including raising cattle and farming, but pecans are almost in their DNA. Randy remembers his grandfather A.C. “Lum” Arrington paying his property taxes by selling pecans that were picked up on the farm.
If anyone would like to sell, crack, or buy pecans they can call R & R Pecans at (352) 871-4846 for Randy and (352) 535-7061.