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New brush truck dedicated to Alexander W. Hudson III, Friend, Brother and Leader of Trenton Fire Dept.

By John Ayers
The Trenton City Commission held a special ceremony Monday evening to dedicated Trenton Fire Rescue new Brush truck, 2501 to Alexander William Hudson, III, a past fire chief for his tireless service and commitment to the community, friend, brother, and leader.
Matt Rexroat, Trenton Public Safety Chief introduced Resolution 2020-02 as he read the information to the public and City Commission which attended the Monday evening meeting in the Trenton Community Center. Whereas, Alexander William Hudson III has made significant and substantial contributions to the City of Trenton and its residents and businesses located therein, and to Gilchrist County, Florida as a whole and dedicated countless hours in service to the City of Trenton Fire Department. Whereas, without the years of tireless dedication and service of this individual and his service to the Citizens of the City of Trenton, Gilchrist County would not be the wonderful place to live and work that it is today. The Commission hereby honors Alexander William Hudson, III for his service to the City of Trenton Fire Department and dedicates the recently acquired new Ford Fire Brush truck in his name, Brush 2501.
Commissioner Craig Ruede made a motion to approve Resolution 2020-02 adopting and dedicating the new Trenton Fire Safety brush truck in the memory of Alexander William Hudson, III as Brush 2501 in service of Trenton and Gilchrist county Florida. Commissioner Cloud Haley gave a second to the motion before Mayor Lee Deen called for a vote. The Commission approved Resolution 2020-02 by a vote of 5-0.
The Trenton Planning and Zoning board approved SP 2020-05, a Site and Development Plan for construction and development of additional improvements on site for a Truck Canopy at the Duke Energy Trenton Operations Center, at 1532 East Wade Street in Trenton. The Commission held a discussion and went through the eleven item review standards before Commissioner Cloud Haley made a motion to approve SP 2020-05 to allow Duke Energy to proceed with the additional construction and reorganization of their Trenton Operations Center. Commissioner Randy Rutter gave a second to the motion before the Commission approved the site and development plan by a unanimous vote.
Dave Collins, of Duke Energy thanked the Trenton Commission for the approval as he attended the 5:30 p.m. meeting.
The Trenton Commission received an M-CORES update from David Haight; a consulting planning engineer working with the Florida Department of Transportation on the M-CORES project involving the 41-member Task Force committee that is recently completed the Final Report. Mr. Haight explained that the Final Report will be submitted to the FL Governor by November 15, 2020. The next six to eight months phase of the M-CORES project will give the FDOT and the consulting planners time to continue working with the public to finalize a route that will be made public in the near future. The engineer recommended the Trenton Commission go to the M-CORES web site at FloridaMCORES.com to review the Final Report and further update themselves on this project.
Trenton attorney David M. Lang, Jr. asked the engineer if there is a date that has been set for the FDOT M-CORES team to identify a project route of this toll road up through the Levy, Gilchrist, and Dixie counties. Mr. Haight explained that the project team will be closing in on a projected route during the next phase of the project planning.
The Commission discussed the October 2020 Code Violations report from the Trenton Department of Public Safety. Chief Rexroat reported that there has been little communication with the individuals involved in the eight Code Violations. The Chief expressed that the individuals are asking for more time to make the necessary improvements to clean up these properties.
Attorney Lang recommended Chief Rexroat check to see if the letters sent to the violators addresses were registered mail and then the City of Trenton can proceed with having these violations cleaned up.
Commissioner Cloud Haley made a motion to not approve any further extensions to Code Violators and have these complaints cleaned up as soon as possible. Commissioner Rutter gave a second to the motion before Mayor Deen identified that this action was approved by a unanimous vote.
This Commission meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.