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Bell FFA Shin Dig raises over $5,000 for Middle and High FFA Chapters

Needless to say, Bell FFA Chapter Advisors Debbie Jones and Brett Wasden were delighted with the 2020 Bell FFA Alumni Shin Dig. The final tally for the fund raising event was $5,317. This year the funds raised will go directly to the FFA Chapters. Bell Middle and Senior FFA Chapters have 217 members this year, which is 100% enrollment.
The Shin Dig began with the FFA Officers reciting the Opening Ceremonies. After the food was blessed, everyone went through the line for a extra big helping of sides and wonderful barbecue cooked by James Class and James Ripley.
After the meal, an auction was held for a large selection of homemade desserts including a Carrot Cake that went for $160.00 to County Commissioner Kenrick Thomas. One student made a cow from cupcakes and another a candy turkey.
After auctioning the sweets, auctioneer Grady Jones Jr. began auctioning many pieces of wooden furniture made in the Ag woodworking class at Bell High School. Advisor Wasden’s students handcrafted really wonderful wooden items this year to sell at the Shin Dig. Those attending, purchased everything from a picnic table to a wooden wall hanging featuring flowers made from bottle caps, all made by the students.
Destiny Hewett, a 10th grader, made a very special wooden American flag which sold for $360.00. Destiny said that all the wood used in the flag was just scrap lumber found around the Ag shop.
Heather Class, the Bell Alumni President, asked parents and guests who were not working members of the Alumni to join and help the Bell FFA members.
Class also thanked those who attended the event and purchased items during the Shin Dig. If you missed the Shin Dig and would like to make a donation to help the Bell FFA Chapters, please mail checks to P.O. Box 764, Bell, FL 32619.