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Trenton’s Emerie Woodall starts Grit & Grace business

By Cindy Jo Ayers
Grit & Grace all started when 16 year old Emerie Woodall needed something to do after last March’s shut down. Emerie had spent much of her extra time playing travel softball when she was not busy at Trenton High School. She went from a very busy life to as she said, “Nothing,” overnight. She admits that she likes to stay busy and was very bored when school closed.
For sometime she had been interesting in making car air fresheners. She first saw the car air fresheners in an Etsy shop and then watched a YouTube video about how to make them. So with birthday money she received, when she turned 16, she ordered her first batch of supplies.
It all sounds pretty simple, but in fact it took a lot of grit and quite a bit of grace to develop the process. It took a lot of time, trial and error to complete just a single air fresher she was happy with.
Along the way her mother and father, Heather and Garett helped her prefect the process of making the air fresheners. More supplies and essential oils were ordered and Emerie had to pay for it all herself. Soon, what started as hobby turned into something very different. Friends and family began ordering her individually handmade car air freshener for themselves and to give as gifts. As time passed and orders came in she realized that she might be able to turn her hobby into a business.
So the young entrepreneur selected the name Grit & Grace Car Freshies and a new business was born.
Emerie had extra time because school had been canceled for the remaining term and soon she was turning out hundreds of the air fresheners in her family’s kitchen. Then she purchased a tent and headed out to her first craft show with crates of fresheners to sell. She has attended four craft shows with one this Saturday. Emerie is looking forward to this craft show at the Sugar Camp Ranch Farm Christmas Swap and Sale. Emerie said what she likes most about her business is interacting with the customers. She is very appreciative to her parents who travel with her to shows to help out. Her Dad sets up the tent and hangs her sign, then she and her Mom spend the day talking to customers, and selling her items. Emerie said, “The people that have supported me and this business is just amazing, I’m so thankful to my family and my customers.”
Emerie was very happy to return to school in August where she is a Junior. She is balancing her school work with her Grit & Grace work, because she likes staying busy.
She has made and sold over 500 Grit & Grace Air Freshies so far using some 38 different scents. Her scents include favorites like baked hot apple pie, cowboy, clean cotton, and flannel. She also makes custom fresheners and seasonal one that coordinate with seasonal scents. Each car freshener is made using a three day process and hand embellished with buttons, ribbons and all sorts of tiny items. They cost between $8 and $10 each which is pretty reasonable considering the time it takes to make each one.
Emerie said there is still time to purchase a Grit & Grace Car Air Freshies before Christmas just contact her on the business facebook page at Grit & Grace Car Freshies.
Emerie has come a long way since that first four leaf clover car air freshener that she designed last March. Now, the future looks bright as this hardworking young Gilchrist County women continues to move forward with her business.