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Construction on Fanning Springs Hotel stopped, construction company files suit

Over the last several months, area citizens have been questioning why work on the new Fanning Springs hotel has stopped. Apparently several complaints have been filed by the contractor and the development group.
Nature Coast Development Group, LLC held a groundbreaking for the hotel in November 2019. At that time the hotel was to be a Best Western Premier facility that was expected to provide 40 jobs when it opened in the summer of 2020. At the groundbreaking ceremony, it was reported that the 63,000 square foot, five story facility would benefit by nearly $1.5 million in grants and a loan from Freedom Bank as well as several big investors.
As of Monday, construction on the hotel has stopped and the hotel is not completed.
According to Law360, which is a news and analysis website reporting on legal developments including litigation filings, the general contractor, WB Services claims they were shorted nearly $925,000. WB Services Inc., aka WB Construction Services Inc. of Ohio, stated last week in the complaint that one of the property owners stopped payment on its service and locked them out of the property. The contractor is seeking a judicial sale of the property, return of its equipment, damages and attorney fees among other relief.
SB Services stated in the complaint that the bank involved with the $9.8 million construction loan allegedly found Nature Coast Development Group LLC in default last May.
Fanning Springs Mayor Trip Lancaster said that he looks forward to the day when the hotel is open. Meanwhile, Fanning Springs has a lot to offer those who come to visit.