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Sam’s Sweet Shop features from scratch recipes

By Cindy Jo Ayers
From scratch is really important to local baker Sami Johnson-Streit. One taste of Sami’s home baked treats will make a believer of anyone who has the slightest sweet tooth.
Sami’s love for baking started at a very young age, in her grandmother’s kitchen. Ms. Betty Streit served as her baking instructor, inspiration and friend. Along the way she also taught her that baking from scratch produced a much better finished product. Today, if you baked alongside Sami you would not find a box cake mix or a can of premade frosting in the kitchen. Sami said, “I wish more young people would bake from scratch, it really is something I truly enjoy.”
Growing up she was given many opportunities to expand her creativity including becoming a member of the Busy Bee 4-H Club, which later became the Spice of Life 4-H Club. Her club specialized in crafts, baking and archery. She attended school in Trenton and then transferred to Bell to attend the Health Academy. Today, she works full-time as a CNA in the Villages. After work she pursues her hope of one day opening a bakery with a store front.
Her cottage baking menu includes some of her very best recipes which she has perfected through the years. Two favorites are the Red Velvet cake that her grandmother taught her to make and her chocolate toffee bars.
She makes wonderful cookies, cake pops, cupcakes, brownies and even chocolate dipped strawberries. She is known around work as the “cake girl” and the people she works with have been ordering baked items from her for a while now. Recently, Sami took a giant step toward her goal by ordering business cards and opening a online bake shop known as Sam’s Sweet Shop.
Sami bakes for events such as weddings, school events, showers, birthdays and just about any gathering. She said, she will be happy to fill orders for a single cake or half dozen or dozens of cake pops, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries and more.
Her speciality cakes, chocolate dipped pretzels or any other items she bakes would make a wonderful Valentine’s gift. With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, it’s a great time to place an order with Sam’s Sweet Shop.
You can contact Sami at samssweetshop on Snapchat, Sams.sweet.shop on Instagram, Sam’s Sweet Shop on Facebook, or you can even call her at 352-247-7675. She will be happy to deliver her baked goods in the area.
It sure is nice to see one of Gilchrist’s own, scratch baking her way to her dream job of opening her own bakery.