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Santa Fe and Suwannee Rivers on the Rise

The Santa Fe River on the northern border of Gilchrist County has been rising for the past few weeks.
According to National Weather Service the Santa Fe at Three Rivers Estates went from 17 feet on Sunday, February 20, to 18.53 feet on Tuesday, February 23. When the river reached 17 feet it went into minor flood stage. It is expected to climb to 22.6 feet by early next week, which will take it midway through moderate flood stage.
The Santa Fe record flood was back in April of 1948, with 33.44 feet followed by April of 1973, with 30.04 feet.
At Hildreth, to the west of Three Rivers Estate, the Santa Fe River sits at 18.27 feet and is expected to reach 22.6 feet early next week which would put Hildreth in the minor flood stage. The actual flood stage at Hildreth is 18 feet.
At Ft. White the Santa Fe is currently at 23.3 feet in minor flood stage. The Santa Fe is expected to rise to 24.4 feet on Monday, March 1, flood stage on the Santa Fe River at Ft. White is 23 feet.
The Suwannee River is at 15.51 feet at Rock Bluff on the western border of Gilchrist County. The Suwannee is expected to rise to 19.3 feet which is miner flood stage by early next week. Flood stage at Rock Bluff is 17 feet. Historically the Suwannee crested at 23.13 feet back in 1948, at Rock Bluff.