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School District celebrates the Gilchrist County Character Council for their many years of service to the community

After 20 years of service to Gilchrist County the Cornwells and the Gilchrist County Character Council were honored for their vast contributions. Superintendent Dr. Jim Surrency and the School Board honored Carl and Geneva Cornwell of Trenton, for being founding members of the council and leading it through the last 20 years. The Character Council was made up of local citizens who worked together with the Cornwells to promote good character of local children and adults. Dr. Surrency said, “We thank them for what they have done in this community and for our students.”
The Character Council was devoted to promoting good character in order to improve the lives of local residents and enrich the spirit of the community. The council worked hard for many years to foster character development in children and adults as a foundation for success in their lives.
The Character Council gave scholarships to local students, honored a county citizen each month for their solid character and worked with the school to provide good character teaching information. They, also helped the school honor a teacher at each school who exemplifies that month’s character trait.
Through the years the council has held a yearly banquet, called a Character Celebration at Otter Springs and participated in many of the local events and parades throughout the county. The Character Council, also sponsored a yearly circus for several years for the enjoyment of the youth. One of the most important activities of the Character Council was providing good character curriculum to the county schools. This curriculum which was used to teach students about good character was important. What the students learned through these lessons will hopefully result in a better life for themselves and enhance the community with young citizens who live a life of integrity.
Mr. and Mrs. Cornwell and the Character Council will be handing over the Character enhancement of the youth of Gilchrist County to the school district. Terri Crawford GCSD’s Director of Mental Health Services explained that the Student Ambassador Program has been implemented in all four schools. The Ambassador program has been very active at Bell High School led by Principal Lisa Barry. Two of Ms. Barry’s students at Bell High School Kiara Cobb and Delaney Santerfeit came to speak about the accomplishments of their Student Ambassador program, including the success of their first annual community Christmas celebration held at the Bell Community Center. Students that were a part of the Ambassador Program also held a blanket drive as well as several other student led activities that enhanced student life at BHS.
One of the duties of the Ambassador program is to take new students on a tour of their school. The students talked about how the program which is also centered around good character has enriched their lives and helped them make new friends.
Students can join the program/club or they can be nominated by a teacher. The peer to peer Ambassador Program is expected to become an important part of each of the county’s four schools.
At the end of the celebration honoring the Character Council and all their good work, the Cornwells presented a check on behalf of the Character Council for the remainder of the funds in the Council’s account. The Cornwells said, they hoped the $2,631.00 would be a help to the School District as it moves forward with the Ambassador Program.
The School Board Meeting took a break after the presentation to visit with the Cornwells and celebrate the good work of the Character Council with light refreshments.