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Fair Dog Show has winners

4-H and FFA dog owners turned out on Saturday, February 27, for the sixth annual Suwannee River Fair Dog Show. The Dog Show kicks off the start of the 69th Annual Suwannee River Fair.
Gilchrist County was well represented by Chevy Jones of Bell who attends Bell Middle School and is a Gilchrist 4-H member, Kimberly King of Old Town, attends Riverside Christian School and is a member of her schools FFA and Alaura Brown who attends Trenton High School, and is a Gilchrist County 4-H member.
Obedience winners were: Basic - Adia Barber 1st, Lillian Prevatt 2nd. Sub-Novice - Chevy Jones 1st, Liam Meeks 2nd. Beginner Novice - Kimberly King 1st, Alaura Brown 2nd.
Rally winners were: Basic - Lillian Prevatt 1st, Adia Barber 2nd. Novice - Kimberly King 1st, Chevy Jones 2nd, Liam Meeks 3rd. Intermediate - Alaura Brown 1st.
Agility: Basic - Adia Barber 1st.Sub-Novice - Chevy Jones 1st, Nolan Meeks 2nd, Liam Meeks 3rd. Advanced - Alaura Brown 1st, Kimberly King 2nd.
Showmanship: Basic - Chevy Jones 1st, Adia Barber 2nd, Lillian Prevatt 3rd. Novice - Kimberly King 1st, Liam Meeks 2nd, Nolan Meeks 3rd. Excellent - Alaura Brown 1st
High Point Awards winners were Lillian Prevatt in Primary, Chevy Jones in Junior and Alaura Brown in Senior.
Overall High Point Winner was Alaura Brown.
Versatility Award Winning Pair was Kimberly King and Rosie.
All showmanship champions and high point winners will be recognized at the Suwannee River Fair Awards Banquet on Tuesday, March 16, at 7 p.m.
Thank you to the judges Jeffrey Kern, Jacqui O’Neil, and Grace Acosta for evaluating each class.
The Fair would like to thank Melanie Burton and Becky Bussard for their work in putting the show on and hosting the training nights. Dr. Bill Martin of Martin Orthodinist was the show sponsor. The buckle donation was made by Mrs. Kathy at Klover Leaf.
For those interested in learning more about the dog show or participating next year, there will be training sessions starting in September. You can find out more information by calling the Gilchrist County Extension Office at 463-3174. 4-H and FFA members are invited to come out and join the fun!