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Gilchrist County Teachers receive Classroom Enrichment grants

Some very happy teachers could be found at all the County’s schools on Friday. A group of Education Foundation of Gilchrist County Board Members traveled from school to school to present the grant checks. Shouts of joy and a good deal of jumping up took place when the surprised teachers received their checks.
“The Classroom Enrichment Grants are sponsored by a $6000 donation from Suncoast Credit Union”, Education Foundation President Damon Legget said.
Brooke Smith, a Reading Coach at Trenton Elementary School, was very excited to receive her grant. Smith plans to purchase Tropical Sno for a motivation incentive to build moral and motivation in students.
Casey Lambert, 6th Grade Trenton Middle School Reading teacher, plans to purchase books for a Classroom Library with her grant.
Taven Bennett of Trenton High is excited to have the grant funds to purchase a virtual reality system for a Oculus immersive learning experience for her students.
Bell High School’s own Michelle Jones, of the Criminal Justice Academy, was delighted to receive her grant funds on Friday. Jones plans to purchase a microscope to enhance study of forensic science.
Evi Wright, a Intensive Reading Teacher at Bell High, will be acquiring a IXL Personalized Learning System. This is an English Language Arts system.
Sharon Neil of BHS plans to purchase several graphing whiteboards for math students to use in her classroom with the grant.
Brett Wasden, Joan Reed, Douglas Beard, and Tiffany Liles all joined together to request a grant for a BUILD IT project which combines the agriculture department, mathematics and life skills for their students. All four teachers are excited to put their new project in action.
Bell Elementary School teacher Peggy Sue Sternad, who has taught the Varying Exceptionality Class for many years at BES, was very excited to receive a grant. Sternad will be planting a sensory garden for Autistic students.
Ashley Jones, a longtime teacher at Bell Elementary, has plans to use the grant funds to set up a classroom library in her third grade classroom.
Bell Elementary’s Peggy Sue Hilliard also received a grant. Hilliard is the Media Specialist/Librarian at her school and she plans to acquire a RK2K Reading program which is kids to kids and builds a community where kids read to kids via video.
All the teachers were very happy to receive the grant funds and thanked Suncoast Credit Union and the Education Foundation of Gilchrist County for the Classroom Enrichment grants.