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Trenton Artisan and Quilt Festival to feature a Native American quilter

One of the more interesting quilt displays will be one made by Anna Lopez who is a Native American quilter.
Anna will be at the festival on Saturday, March 20 to visit with those attending the festival and where she will explain the many meaning of the symbols on her quilt.
The title of her quilt is Walking Bear. As a Native American quilter she wanted to make sure that she was doing everything according to native traditions. Her quilt includes applique work, traditional piecing, and hand embroidery.
She said, β€œIt is our tradition not to make our work perfect because only God our Creator is perfect.” The blocks on the outside of this quilt are from the Lapin Apache nation, they are the medicine colors for this nation.
She has been sewing for 58 years thanks to her great grandmother and her grandmother who taught her to sew when she was seven years old. She learned to sew on her great grandmothers old treadle sewing machine and the first quilt block that she was taught to sew was a Log Cabin block.
β€œI enjoy making my Native American quilts, I put a lot of thought into making this quilt,” Anna Lopez stated.
Trenton Artisan and Quilt Festival will be held on March 19-21, 2021. This three day event will begin on Friday, March 19th with a free Movie Night at the Trenton Depot.
On Saturday, March 20th, quilts will be displayed on Main Street and NW First Street. Antique and craft vendors along with food vendors will be set up in the designated festival area. There will also be live entertainment on Saturday which will feature area bands.
On Sunday, March 21st, craft and antique vendors will be set up along NW First Street for everyone to enjoy. Quilts will not be displayed on Sunday.