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Bell High School Prom Promise

Submitted By: BHS Junior Class
Bell High School 11th and 12th grade students participated in the annual “Prom Promise” presentations to help educate students of the dangers of drinking, drugs, and driving.
Prom Promise was sponsored by the Junior class of BHS. Students went through a heart wrenching scenario involving four teenagers in a deadly car accident and two other students who have driven up on the situation. Gilchrist County Fire and Rescue members, EMTs and Gilchrist County Sherriff deputies are called, they arrive on the scene and demonstrate the techniques they must use when they are responding to an actual car accident. This reenactment is played out so that students can get a real look and understanding of the horror that happens when people are drinking and driving.
After the scenario, students were treated to a lunch of pizza and sodas and were able to participate in various activities. Afterward, students listened to real life stories of heartbreak and death from making bad decisions by speaker Eric Smallridge of the Napier Foundation and representatives from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Students signed a large sign, formally promising that they would not consume alcohol, do drugs, or vape at prom and not get behind the wheel of a vehicle intoxicated.
The hope of the Gilchrist County School District and Bell High School is that our students made good choices and stayed safe during prom festivities, which took place on Friday, April 2nd.
The Junior class would like to say thank you to the following for all their help and taking time out of their very busy schedules to put on a successful “Prom Promise 2021”: Resource Officer Mike Simpson, EMT Chief Kevin Benson, Florida Highway Patrolman Riordan, Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz, all of our Gilchrist County First Responders, Eric Smallridge and the Napier Foundation, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, BHS Administrators Lisa Barry, Brent Douglas, and Joey Whittington, and our Class Sponsors, Mrs. Wendy Rowe and Mrs. Lesa Rowe.

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