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City Commission approves paving of NE First Street and connecting avenues

The Trenton City Commission took action to approve an Option 2 paving project that will resurface the streets in Northeast Trenton and two connection avenues that run west to Main Street in their Monday, April 12, 2021 meeting.
The Commission received two bids from Hicks Asphalt Paving & Concrete. The Trenton based company was identified as the sole paving contractor by the City of Trenton following the completion of paving of streets in Trenton in 2019. City Attorney David M. Lang, Jr. asked, if Hicks Asphalt Paving & Concrete was identified as the paving contractor that would be used by the City of Trenton? Mrs. Pat Watson explained, that the City Commission selected Hicks Asphalt Paving & Concrete to be the company that would be working on the paving projects in the City of Trenton. She added, that the Commission duly authorized that Hicks Asphalt Paving & Concrete would be the authorized paving contractor that would be used in the City of Trenton.
The contractor submitted two bids for consideration by the Commission for paving projects in northeast Trenton:
Option 1 is to pave NE Second Avenue from Main Street to NE Seventh Street and the connector streets that run south to NE First Street. This proposal would include 7,456 square yards of Superpave Asphaltic Concrete, at 1.5” thick, 660 total tons for $147,505.60.
Option 2 is to resurface NE First Street from just north of NE First Avenue to just south of NE Lancaster St. and all of the east bound sides avenues, 5th, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd that connect to NE Second Street. NE Second and Fourth Avenues would be resurfaced west to Main Street. This proposal will include 6,438 square yards of Superpave Asphaltic Concrete, at 1.5” thick, 580 tons for $129,186.30.
The Commission was requested to select one of the two projects to go forward with. Commissioner Craig Ruede explained, that he would like to see the paving of NE 2nd Avenue. “There are a lot of pot holes on this street and it really needs to be repaired now”, Commissioner Ruede pointed out.
Commissioner Cloud Haley explained, that he would like to see the resurfacing of NE First Street and the connector avenues that tie the street to North Main Street. Attorney Lang recommended, that the motion identify that the funds to pay for this paving project are in the Capital Outlay budget and that the motion include that legal counsel would review the project before it is begun by Hicks Asphalt Paving & Concrete. Commissioner Haley made a motion to approve Option 2 to resurface NE First Street and the connecting roads for $129,186.30. Commissioner Randy Rutter gave a second to the motion, before Mayor Lee Deen called for a roll call vote. The vote was taken and the motion of Option #2 was approved by a 4-1 vote. Commissioner Ruede voted, No on the motion.
Ms. Roxanne Pugh addressed the Commission during the Public Comments portion of the agenda. She explained, that the speeding traffic on the (Thomas Scott Road) SW 15th Street, traveling north and south from SR 26, is unsafe for people that live along this street. She pointed out that she has grand children that are out and about in this area, and she has to walk with them when they are crossing this street. She asked, for speed bumps, or any type of mechanism that would slow the traffic down, where this area would be a safer place for families.
Attorney Lang explained that SW 15th Street or SW 15th Court is a boundary roadway that borders the City of Trenton to the east and portions of Gilchrist County to the east and west. The Gilchrist County Commission performs the maintenance on this roadway along the paved and unpaved portions of the road, south to SW 100th Street. The attorney explained, that he would bring to the County Commissions’ attention that the City of Trenton would like to see something done on this roadway to slow down the traffic.
Mayor Lee Deen reported that he had received calls from citizens that live in Northwest Trenton that reported the traffic is speeding through this area. The Mayor asked Chief Matt Rexroat, of the Department of Public Safety, if he and his officers could patrol the areas of northwest Trenton more often to reduce the speeding in this residential area?
Commissioner Cloud Haley reported that the Quilt Festival was a tremendous success. He thanked Mrs. Pat Watson for her involvement in the festival and he complimented the Downtown Redevelopment Committee for cooperating and working together to make this festival the success that it became. Commissioner Haley pointed out, that the festival attendees really enjoyed browsing through the area of NW First Street that connects up to the Trenton Depot. The Commissioner reported that this area was such a success, that future festivals could be centered more around this area, and not close off Main Street in downtown Trenton.
The Commission discussed the extension of a hay lease the City of Trenton is currently involved in with Duke’s Hay, Inc. This lease involves a 21-acre piece of property that is located along SR 26 just east of the post office in Trenton. Attorney Lang explained, that the Dukes want to extend this lease another three-year term at the present lease terms. Commissioner Cloud Haley made a motion to approve the extension of the lease for three years at the present $1,155.00 annual fee. Commissioner Craig Ruede gave a second to the motion before the board approved this action by a unanimous vote.
The Commission adjourned this meeting at 6:15 p.m.