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City Commission clears up paving contract in Trenton

The Trenton City Commission took action Monday night to approve an independent contractor agreement between Hicks Asphalt Paving & Concrete and the City of Trenton to repave several streets in Northeast Trenton. Trenton attorney David M. Lang, Jr. presented the contract to the Commission as he explained, the City Manager will have to contact the Hicks company to identify the date of commencement and the expected date of completion. The three members of the Commission in attendance discussed the contract with the Hicks company of Bell to pave the identified streets in Trenton for $129,186.30. Commissioner Randy Rutter made a motion to approve the contract and go forward with the resurfacing of these streets. Commissioner Craig Ruede gave a second to the motion and Vice Mayor Cloud Haley called for a vote as the Commission approved the contract by a unanimous, 3-0 vote.
Attorney Lang explained, that the City of Trenton does not have a paving company that they have on contract. The Hicks Asphalt Paving & Concrete Company has a Florida Department of Transportation contract and the City of Trenton is piggybacking off of the state contract in order to have this resurfacing work done in the City of Trenton.
The City Commission opened a discussion on the Chamber of Commerce Christmas on Main Street event. This program is traditionally held around the first of December on a weeknight in downtown Trenton. Vice Mayor Cloud Haley recognized Charlotte Pederson, a member of the Board of Directors of the Gilchrist County Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Pederson explained, that the Chamber of Commerce at this time does not have an Executive Director, but there are many members of the Board of Directors that are stepping up and cooperating to make the Chamber of Commerce more active than what it has been.
Trenton City Manager Lyle Wilkerson explained that due to public safety, the City of Trenton is working toward moving events that have been held on Main Street to the events park, which is the northern portion of NW First Street including the Depot Park and the grassy area west of NW First Street. Mr. Wilkerson pointed out that there has been very little communication from the Chamber of Commerce involving the scheduling of an upcoming event.
Commissioner Haley reported that the City of Trenton has tried to work with former Chamber of Commerce Directors and those individuals didn’t communicate with the City of Trenton staff.
Mrs. Pedersen explained, the group attending the meeting with her Monday are members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and they want to work with the City of Trenton to coordinate events and programs in the future. She asked the Commission, if the Christmas on Main Street in 2021 could be held on Main Street?
Commissioner Randy Rutter explained, the City Commission is short two members and he would really like to see this discussion be tabled at this time. He asked, if the Christmas on Main Street event could be put on the next agenda as an Action Item to be discussed and decided on by the entire City Commission? This would also give members of the public an opportunity to attend that meeting and speak on the upcoming event that is held in Trenton.
Commissioner Haley explained, moving the event over to the NW First Street area would make it much safer and give the public room without placing additional traffic into the residential areas of the community. The City of Trenton is currently working to install electric outlets and water spigots to the northwest park, grassy area along Northwest First Street.
Attorney Lang explained, with the event being held on NW First Street, the businesses on Main Street could remain open to allow the public to shop and visit in the downtown area.
Attorney Lang reported the Gilchrist County Commission will look at the speeding traffic along SE 15th Street. He explained that a neighbor in the community had asked the City Commission to place speed bumps on the roadway to slow down the traffic speeding north and south on this boundary between Trenton and Gilchrist County.
City Manager Lyle Wilkerson reported the City of Trenton is in communication with Gilchrist County to work out the details to allow the two government entities to have an Inmate Work Squad work in the communities. Mr. Wilkerson reported, the City of Trenton and Gilchrist County combined are estimated to spend $60,000 annually on work which could be performed weekly by this inmate squad. The City Manager explained, he is working with the Gilchrist County Administrator and they are awaiting the final action by the Florida Legislature to see if this possibility becomes a reality. Mr. Wilkerson told the board that he would report back to the Commission after the close of the Legislative session.
The Commission adjourned this meeting at 6:35 p.m.