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Old Gilchrist County Jail up for sale for $139,990

According to the Old Gilchrist County Jail website the jail was built in 1928 when Gilchrist County was only two years old. The county was formed by the legislature on December 4, 1925. The jail was used as a jail from 1928 until 1968 when the current jail was completed.
The eight-cell, two-story jail is listed for $139,990. Matt Perry is the listing agent. Arlene Hale owns the property and claims the jail is haunted with paranormal occupants. In fact, Hale has sold tours of the facility for the past ten years or so. Jail tours were advertised for $50 per person with a minimum of five people included during a tour.
The jail is located in northwest Trenton at 313 NW 2nd Street. Several Gilchrist County Sheriffs served while the old jail was in use including D.W. Deen, Sr., R.E. Davis, D.W. Deen, Dozier H. Browning, Sr., R.E. Davis, Jr., Mark Read (who was killed in the line of duty), Clyde Williams, and Charlie Parrish. Sheriff Parrish was the last Gilchrist County Sheriff to serve in the old jail and the first to serve in the current jail.
The current jail has been in use for 53 years and is the second oldest jail in the state. The old jail owned by Hale was in use for 40 years.