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New Trenton resident complains, Code Enforcement is not doing their job

A Trenton resident addressed the Trenton Commission during their Monday, June 28th meeting and complained to the four member Commission, that the Code Enforcement department is not doing their job. Cindy, (who would not give her last name for fear of being harmed), told the Commission that the City of Trenton workers can drive around town, but they can’t do what needs to be done in Trenton. She explained, that there are people that live on NE 12th Avenue that have unlicensed vehicles on their property, trash that has been put out on the right of way to be picked up, and the City of Trenton can’t seem to do any thing about these problems.
She told the City Commission that she moved to Trenton in February 2021, thinking this was a nice, quiet community that would be a good place to live. “It is the worst city that I have ever lived in,” Cindy explained. She asked if the board members were elected to their positions and they each explained that they were. She wanted to know where their offices were so she could come and talk to the Commission members individually. Vice Mayor Cloud Haley explained, the Commissioners provide the public their contact information on the City of Trenton web site. If she has a complaint involving the City of Trenton, she should go to the City Hall, at 500 N. Main Street in Trenton and talk with the City Manager, or file a statement with the City staff.
Trenton Attorney David M. Lang, Jr. explained, the Florida Legislature has recently approved a new statewide ordinance involving Code Enforcement violations in the State of Florida. The Legislature now requires if a resident chooses to provide information involving a complaint to a Department of Code Enforcement, that individual must put the complaint in writing and sign the statement before it can be given to the Code Enforcement Department, Mr. Lang explained.
The new Trenton resident complained that the garbage rates and the Water and Sewer rates were just too high in Trenton. She explained, the City of Tarpon Springs provides pickup services that haul off old chairs and couches and other unused furniture if the residents place the non-valued items on the City Right of Way. Why can’t this be done in the City of Trenton? She asked.
City Manager Lyle Wilkerson explained to the Trenton resident, that if she will stop by the City Hall, the Trenton staff would be glad to provide her with a form to file a Code Enforcement complaint, and help her any way they can.
Trenton resident Terry Owens addressed the City Commission in the Unscheduled Guests portion of the Monday afternoon meeting. He asked the City of Trenton to pave or allow the five or six residents that live on SW 9th Avenue to improve their graded road.
Mr. Owens explained that SW 9th Avenue is a Dead End Street located in southwest Trenton and is 1,000 feet long. It is one of the few city streets not paved. It is dusty when the weather is dry, and muddy when the weather is like it is today. All of the homeowners that live along this street are in agreement that they would like something to be done to improve this road, he explained.
Mr. Owens provided the Commission with the options that the Trenton residents are considering improving SW 9th Avenue:
1. Pave the street with asphalt, cost unknown?
2. Pave the street with asphalt millings. The cost would be estimated at $10,000, which includes the millings and labor. Driveway entrances would also be included in this price. Would the city be willing to pay for the paving; or even cover some of the cost?
3. The last option is for the city to allow the property owners to cover the cost themselves. Jerry Wilks will use his paving equipment and the millings will come from Anderson-Columbia Company.
Vice Mayor Cloud Haley asked, Attorney Lang, is there a way that the City of Trenton could cooperate with the residents in this project?
Mr. Lang pointed out that the first thing that should be done, is the City of Trenton needs to determine who owns this road? Does the municipality own the property, or does the residents hold the deed to this street? A survey would answer this question and the City of Trenton could then have an engineer look at the project to see if there is enough Right of Way available to resurface the graded road.
Kyle Parrott, and his wife have recently purchased a home on this street. He explained, that his employer, Anderson-Columbia Co. would be willing to assist in getting this project completed. Mr. Parrott explained, that currently the road has several large holes at driveways where the garbage truck backs up and turns around. “I think the road would be improved if it just had enough lime rock and millings put down on a prepared surface, Mr. Parrott explained to the Commission.
The Commission requested the City Manager contact an Engineer that is associated with the City of Trenton to seek additional information on this project.
Commissioner Craig Ruede made a motion to have staff go forward to get more information involving the road improvement on SW 9th Avenue. Commission Marcia Hellams gave a second to the motion before the Commission approved the motion by a 4-0 vote. Mayor Lee Deen was not present at this meeting.
The City Manager reported that he has been in contact with the Garbage contractor, Waste Pro Inc. The current contractor is preparing a packet of information that will be presented to the Commission with the current contractor in the July 12th Commission meeting.
The Commission asked for an update of the CRA paving project that has been in the hands of Mills Engineering since 2017. The Commission advised staff to contact the engineering company and request the City of Trenton receive an update on the project, or the City of Trenton would consider their legal obligations to have this project completed as soon as possible.
Commissioner Randy Rutter asked his fellow Commissioners and staff, if the City Commission has reached a point where they can return their meetings to pre-COVID guidelines? The staff reported that the State of Florida has now returned to pre-COVID operations, and the City of Trenton will return to a regular meeting format in their July 12th, 2021 meeting.
The Commission adjourned this meeting at 6:30 p.m.