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Trenton Commission proposes 2.5 mills for Ad Valorem property tax

The Trenton Commission took the first step to approve 2.5 mills for the Ad Valorem property tax on Monday evening during their first meeting in July. City Manager Lyle Wilkerson reported the City of Trenton must propose a millage rate in order to submit a TRIM (Truth in Millage) notice to the Florida Department of Revenue on a proposed Ad Valorem Tax for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. He explained the deadline for this information to be in Tallahassee is August 1, 2021.
Trenton City Commissioner Randy Rutter explained the City of Trenton is currently working with an Ad Valorem millage rate of 2.5 mills. The City Manager reported the 2.5 mills that was approved for the 2020-2021 fiscal year generates $147.198.00. Mr. Wilkerson explained the 2.5 mills proposed for the 2021-2022 fiscal year would generate $191.195 for the City of Trenton’s General Revenue Budget.
Commissioner Rutter made a motion to approve a proposed 2.5 mills for the City of Trenton Ad Valorem property tax. Commissioner Marcia Hellams gave a second to the motion and the board approved the motion by a 4-0 vote. Commissioner Cloud Haley was not in attendance at this meeting.
The Trenton City Commission discussed the proposed Waste Pro Sanitation service contract with Waste Pro representative Trip Lancaster, Division Manager and Dayna Miller, Waste Pro management. The Waste Pro Company proposed a commercial service contract that would include a 5% increase for the first of five years. The price per yard of trash collected was $6.31 and it would increase to $6.62 or .31¢ per yard. The residential service would see a $1 increase from $20.08 to $21.08 for the first year. The Waste Pro Company requested up to a 3% CPI (Consumer Price Index) increase each year.
The Commission had requested the sanitation service contractor to consider a pickup of old furniture, and other types of household things to be picked up at curbside once a month. The Commission also requested the company pickup tree limbs and other yard debris at curbside once a month.
Mr. Lancaster explained that Waste Pro has these services available and they can be included as an addendum to this contract for an additional $1.00 per service per residential customer for each month of the annual contract.
The Commission discussed the proposal and agreed to have City staff identify the specifics of this proposed contract and create a contract that the Commission could consider in their next meeting. Commissioner Craig Ruede made a motion for staff to go forward in preparing a contract with the changes identified. Commissioner Randy Rutter gave a second to the motion before the Commission approved the motion by a 3-1 vote. Commissioner Hellams voted No on this motion.
The Trenton City Commission considered the expansion of Quail Run subdivision in the Planning and Zoning portion of this meeting. Trenton City Attorney David M Lang, Jr. presented the expansion proposal to the Commission and explained this consideration is long over due.
Commissioner Rutter asked why this expansion proposal has been two years coming before the City Commission?
Mr. Lang explained that the original survey of this proposal was submitted to the City of Trenton. He pointed out there were several issues that were in question, and the City of Trenton required a local surveyor address the issues and make the changes before it could be submitted to the City Commission. The plat expansion has been finalized and submitted to the Commission for adoption.
Commissioner Rutter made a motion to approve the Quail Run subdivision expansion proposal with the recommendations. Commissioner Ruede gave a second to the motion before the Commission approved the motion by a 4-0 vote.
The Commission adjourned this meeting at 6:30 p.m.