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Trenton Middle/High Cafeteria and Parking Lot work in progress

The 16 million dollar Trenton Middle High School building project is underway.
The cafeteria and auditorium building in Phase I of this project is expected to cost a little over half the 16 million.
The cafeteria includes walls of bleacher seats, so it can be used as an auditorium, also.
Phase I projects include a new configuration of the bus loop near the gym and additional event parking in the west side of the campus.
Phase II of this project includes remodeling the current auditorium and turning it into a media center or library. The old media center and current lunchroom will be taken down, and part of that area will become a new bus loop for the middle school.
The parking lots in front of Trenton High and in front of the football field next to US 129 are being resurfaced. These improvements are part of a drainage project at the school. Plans are for excess water to be drained to a retention area near the football field. The parking lots in front of the high school have been flooding almost since they were built.
Phase III includes security projects with fence work and gates. Also there are plans to do some repairs to buildings on campus. Phase III is in progress at this time also.