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Trenton shooting suspect arrested last week

On Tuesday afternoon, July 6, Dontavis Jamar Pollock, was arrested for his involvement in a shooting in the Northwest Section of Trenton on June 27th. Three others have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the shoot out which occurred near the intersection of NW 4th Street and NW 4th Avenue.
Pollock, a resident of Trenton was charged with one count of Attempted Felony Murder (discharging a firearm causing injury), one count of Attempted Armed Robbery, one count of Shooting into an Occupied Vehicle and one count of Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon and Damage to Property.
Ja’Niya Lynette Sutton, age 20, of Trenton, was also arrested in this case. Sutton was charged with Criminal Attempt Solicit or Conspire and Accessory After the Fact (Felony) her bond was set for $400,000.
A thorough investigation by Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office investigators Ken Hutson and Ray Tremblay was conducted. The investigation revealed that Pollock, Darrian Hollie, and Ja’Niya Sutton all conspired to lure an out of town individual to Trenton in order to rob him at gun point. Then they lied to law enforcement about the would-be robbery on June 27th, they also conspired to tamper with evidence.
Captain Scotty Douglas arrested Pollock in Trenton. Once arrested, Pollock damaged the inside of the patrol car. Pollock has a long history of crime as a juvenile. He also has been charged for battery in the past. He was released from prison in April 2021 after serving time for armed robbery, Pollock is only 21 years old and has been charged with a total of 33 crimes in his lifetime.
Pollock’s bond was set at $3,005,000 by Judge Sheree Lancaster.