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Suwannee River Fair Board holds annual meeting and approves new Fair Shows

The annual Suwannee River Fair Meeting was held on Thursday evening, September 9. The meeting started with Holly Houghton from Dixie Extension reviewing the Fair rule changes and taking any questions.
Loran Brookins Fair President conducted the annual election of Fair Board Members.
The Levy County Board Members stayed the same, Loran Brookins and Lint Jerrels were nominated with no opposition. So, they maintained their seats on the board.
The Gilchrist County Fair Board Members also stayed the same, Gary and Houston McKenzie were nominated with no opposition. So, they went back into their seats on the board.
Dixie County Board Members were Frank Bussard and Jaime NesSmith they were nominated with no opposition. So, they went back into their seats on the board.
At Large Board Member was Heather Rucker who held the seat was not present. Nominations were Wendy Bird from Levy County, Jerry Wright from Gilchrist County, and John Driggers from Dixie County. John Driggers won the vote and is now the new At Large Board Member.
There are several new fair shows coming up during the March 2 through March 23, 2022, Suwannee River Fair.
In the Beef Cattle Division Heifer Show there will be an American Division. The American Division will highlight homegrown cattle such as those old breeds used in Florida like the Brahma influenced breeds. Rules for the show are, Exhibitors must include a photo with registration for preliminary assessment of breed. The committee will confirm on show entry in March whether they maintained the American characteristics necessary to compete. Heifers will be classed by age 6 to 10 months, 11 to 15 months and 16 to 30 months. Any American heifer winning Grand or Reserve in the Heifer Show, automatically wins the American Division. American Heifers will be recognized as females that exhibit and maintain prominent Bos Indicus breed characteristics or have registration papers that indicate a Brahman Cross breed of 50% or more, like Braford, Simbrah, Santa Gertrudis, Brahman F1, etc. Prominent Bos Indicus breed characteristics are considered as follows, 1/4 clip or slick coat, dewlap that extends to the underside of the neck, angular ear, hump or crest, and extended naval.
The 2022 BBQ contest meat will be beef tri-tips cooked from medium to medium-rare (135-145 degrees) meat will be supplied by Fair.
Side dishes of grilled vegetables and/or fruit will be supplied by contestants.
Another new Creative Life Skills contest this year will be Tablescaping. This is a team contest with Primary, Junior, Senior and Mixed Age Divisions. Teams will have one hour to set up a card table with a themed setting for two people. Table, dishes, centerpieces, tablecloths, crystal, silver and any other decorations (glass items of any kind will not be permitted). Each table must include a menu, but no actual food is allowed. This is only part of the rules that go with this new contest. There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards and there will be a Best of Show plaque.
Another change includes the Photograpy Show entries may be donated to a silent auction. Funds raised will be going to a scholarship fund for FFA and 4-H participants who enter the Creative Life Skills at the Fair.
Dr. Tommy Andrews who is the Superintendent of the Rabbit Show will be adding a show for Cavy at the 2022 Fair. The small animal general rules and regulations apply to this show. Health Requirements for a Cavy which is a Guinea Pig, will not be accepted for entry if they are emaciated, unhealthy or infested with interior or external parasites such as lice, mites and fleas. Any cavy with traces of medication or oil in ear or fur will be denied entry into the fair. No sow may be shown pregnant. They must have a ID number in their left ear. Only 3 cavies will be allowed per exhibitor. There are additional rules for this show. There will be 3 divisions and Best of Show awards.
Fat Steers in the Beef Division will have a buy back program this year. Buyers must put their name on a list to be allowed to buy back.