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Gilchrist approves Allstate as low bidder on jail project, will negotiate less expensive facility

By John Ayers
The Gilchrist County Commission selected a construction company from a list of four submitted bidders that was chosen to construct a less expensive jail complex for Gilchrist County. Bids were received from Allstate Construction Co., Oelrich Construction, Inc., Gray Construction Services, Inc., and Scorpio Construction. The bid that was identified as the lowest bid submitted was from Allstate Construction at $12,455,500 for a 124-bed correctional facility.
Bobby Crosby, Gilchrist County Administrator reported that Will Rutherford, of Clemons, Rutherford and Associates, Inc. construction managers for Gilchrist County on this project had reviewed the four submitted bids and found no issues with the bidding process. The Project Manager recommended that Gilchrist County accept the bids and approve Allstate Construct Company as the apparent low bidder and move toward negotiation and working with the company to finalize a contract for a jail facility that meets the Gilchrist County approval.
The County Commission discussed the bids and the project in depth on Monday. Commissioner Bill Martin made a motion to approve Allstate Construction Co. as the low bidder on the Gilchrist County Jail remodel project. Mr. Martin further expressed that Gilchrist County should work with the construction company to negotiate a contract that is more in line with Gilchrist County’s approval. Commissioner Darrell Smith gave a second to the motion before the board approved the proposal by a 5-0 vote.
Gilchrist County will be working with Clemons, Rutherford and Associates to negotiate a contract for the construction and remodeling of a Gilchrist County Jail facility in the neighborhood of $8,000,000 to $8,500,000.
The County Administrator reported to the Commission that Gilchrist County Solid Waste has proposed an increase in the following garbage items: bagged household garbage, construction and demolition materials, tree and yard trimmings, furniture, appliances, mattresses, electronics and used tires. The proposed increases reflect a $4 per 100 pounds, and $80 per ton for clean C&D material, mixed C&D materials is $11.25 per 100 pounds and $225 per ton; yard trimmings waste will increase to $4 per 100 pounds; furniture, appliances, mattresses and electronics would increase to $4 per 100 pounds and $80 per ton, and used tires would increase to $12 per 100 pounds.
Commissioner Bill Martin made a motion to approve the proposed solid waste tipping fee increases for Gilchrist County. Commissioner
Kenrick Thomas gave a second to the motion as the five member board approved the proposal by a unanimous vote.
Bobby Rush, Gilchrist County Solid Waste Supervisor addressed the Commission to answer questions involving the solid waste issues that are facing Gilchrist County. Mr. Crosby explained to the Commission that the Cruse facility in north Gilchrist County continues to have problems with people dumping trash at the location when it is closed. The County Administrator explained that Gilchrist County could close the Cruse Center and alleviate the problems involving this location. If this location is closed the residents using this location could take their trash to CR 138 site (8.5 miles) or Bell Solid Waste Center (5 miles).
The Gilchrist County Commission requested the County Administrator to discuss the Cruse Center with the Solid Waster Supervisor and bring more information back to the board in a future meeting.
Mr. Crosby reported to the Commission the names that have been identified as the Gilchrist County Broadband Committee. Commissioner Darrell Smith, Chairman of the committee, Mike Lakner citizen, Mark Smith citizen, David Marquis citizen, Terry Livesay citizen, Bobby Crosby staff, and an appointee to represent the Gilchrist County School Board. Commissioner Bill Martin made a motion to approve the identified Gilchrist County Broadband committee as Commissioner Smith gave a second to the motion. The board approved the proposal by a unanimous vote.
Commissioner Smith explained that he would like for the committee to meet in a couple of weeks or as soon as possible.
The Commission listened to Jim Meredith and Lee Schaltenbrand, residents of the Spring Ridge subdivision request the county amend the Special Assessment guidelines for county road paving from 70% to 60% to allow the property owners to meet the guidelines and go forward with the new construction of the residential roads in the subdivision on CR 340 in Northeast Gilchrist County. The Commission discussed the many issues involving the run down roads in Spring Ridge and gave the public an opportunity to address the board with recommendations. Commissioner Thomas made a motion to amend the guideline to allow a 60% approval of property owners of the Gilchrist County Special Assessment program. Commissioner Martin gave a second to the motion before the board approved the proposal by a 5-0 vote.