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Cannon and Brown, Richter and Spears crowned 2021 Bell Royalty

(Photos by Katie Lovett)

Submitted by Student Government
Bell High School’s 2021 Homecoming, “Bulldogs Got Game!, was once again a huge success.   Students, faculty, and the community enjoyed the festivities and excitement that Homecoming brings to Bell High School every year.  Students and teachers dressed up as characters that are associated with different board games. “Clever Cranium” Monday, had students dress as nerds or professors. “Operation” Tuesday turned the school into a hospital with students dressing as surgeons, nurses, and EMT workers. “Old Maid” Wednesday showed what students would look like in their golden years.  “Guess Who? Thursday” kept faculty and students guessing who everyone was; celebrities? pro athletes? teachers? And finally everyone took pride in their Purple and Gold colors on Friday’s “Battleship Spirit” Day.
On Thursday night, the Iris Roberts Auditorium was once again filled to capacity as the community helped students and faculty honor the Bell Bulldogs’ Football Team at the annual “Bulldog Growl”. The BHS Student Government Officers and Counsel hilariously got the Growl going as they showed off the week’s spirit fashion on the red carpet with their “America’s Next Top Model” skit.  The Bell Purple Powerhouse Marching Band rocked the house and got everybody dancing in their seats with their exciting musical numbers and awesome drum solos. The BHS Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders got the crowd’s spirits moving with their very well-choreographed cheers and dance routines as did the Gilchrist League cheerleaders, who performed a crowd pleasing dance and cheer routine. The Bell ninth, tenth, Junior, and Senior classes, along with the Health and Criminal Justice Academies, and the Bell FFA and FBLA clubs were the stars of the show with their overly hilarious game show based skits. The winners of the skit contest were: 3rd Place, the FBLA Club with their “Wipeout” skit, the Senior Class of 2022 placed 2nd with their “Family Feud” skit, and 1st Place went to the Junior class with their “Jeopardy” skit.  One of the highlights of the evening was the crowning of the Bell Middle School Prince and Princess, Jordan Spears and Hannah Richter by last year’s Princess Elizabeth Bagby and last year’s Prince, Caelum Surrency.
Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions, The 2021 Homecoming Parade and the Homecoming game against the Providence School of Jacksonville on Friday was cancelled. The parade was rescheduled on the following Monday, which turned out to be a perfect day. The parade showed off some great board game themed homecoming floats and the Parade Judges had a very difficult decision choosing between all the creative floats. In the end, the BHS Junior class won with their “Monopoly” Float, followed by the second place Criminal Justice float which featured, “Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em, Robots,” and third place belonged to the Freshmen “Candyland” float. A big thanks to all the community and school organizations that participated in the parade, especially on a Monday afternoon.
With the Homecoming football game being cancelled, the Bulldogs would play a “Purple and Gold” scrimmage game on Monday evening, with the Gold team winning over the Purple, 20 to 8.  Every attendant from 6th to 11th grade and all the Senior King and Queen contestants looked radiant on the field at halftime as the standing room only crowd gathered to witness the pageantry. Everyone loudly cheered as last year’s King and Queen, Joshua Mendoza and Shelbi Cooper crowned 2021’s new King and Queen, Hayden Brown and Josalynn Cannon. Even though the Fightin’ Bulldogs were unable to play their Homecoming opponent, it was a very successful and fun homecoming at Bell High School.  The Bell High School Student Government would like to thank the following who helped in the festivities and supported us during this fun-filled week: Connie Sanchez and the Gilchrist County Office of the Supervisor of Elections, Trenton Floral for the beautiful floral arrangements, Bobby Schultz and the Gilchrist County Sherriff’s Department and Gilchrist County Fire Rescue for their help with the parade, and all of our Bell High School administration, faculty and staff, and students for participating. A big thank you to our awesome Bell Community for still coming out to support Bell High School, even when we had to change Homecoming.  In the end, the Bulldogs still showed that they “Got Game!”