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Gilchrist Legislative Delegation Hearing held in Trenton

State Senator Jennifer Bradley and Representative Chuck Clemons were in Trenton on October 26th, to hear the needs of elected officials as well as the citizens of Gilchrist County.
The hearing was opened with prayer by Representative Clemons followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Many topics were covered by both legislators including the start of the next session on January 11th, the fact that the State of Florida has to have a balanced budget, and redistricting in the state. Representative Clemons who is on the House Redistricting Committee said, “Technology has made this a much smoother process.”
Senator Bradley suggested that citizens go to the Florida State Senate website where there is a lot of information on redistricting.
Clerk of Court Todd Newton addressed the delegation and thanked the state for the support during this past year as counties coped with the covid shut down and lack of fees which support the court system.
Sheriff Bobby Schultz requested that the delegation support the state prison system and help keep Lancaster open as well as reopening Cross City Correctional. Representative Clemons stated that he believed that Lancaster Correctional was not going to be closed, he also stated that he understands how important correctional institutions are to rural counties.
County Administrator Bobby Crosby spoke for the county requesting help with FDOT widening SR 26. Crosby suggested that might help with the traffic problems in Trenton. He also said, the county was thankful for the CARES money which supported local governments during the past year. He also spoke of the need for broadband within the county. Crosby stated, more people in the county have no internet than do.
Senator Bradley said, the state is working on a comprehensive map of the State of Florida which shows residents and businesses that have internet service and those that have none. The map should be complete in 2022. Senator Bradley said that they understand in Tallahassee it is a problem and they are working on it.
Superintendent Dr. Jim Surrency gave Representative Clemons and Senator Bradley an update on the school improvements at Trenton High School.
Ben Glass of the Suwannee River Water Management District spoke about the springs and funding. He also stated that the district is working on minimum flows and minimum water levels on the lower Santa Fe River.
Several citizens also spoke one requested that the Bright Future Scholarship not be awarded by test scores this year. While another talked about the need for good broadband in the county.