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Justin Jones named Crop Advisor of the Year by Florida Farm Bureau

The 2021 Florida Farm Bureau Crop Advisor Award went to Justin Jones of Trenton. Jones received this statewide award on Thursday, November 4th, from Gilchrist Farm Bureau President Gray Smith at the monthly Gilchrist Farm Bureau meeting.
Jones is a graduate of Trenton High School, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Extension Education with a minor in Agronomy from the University of Florida. He started his career as a Small Farms Agriculture Agent with UF/IFAS in the Suwannee County Extension Office. He moved into the field of irrigation management as Team Leader for the first mobile irrigation lab in Northern Florida and then served as a Research Coordinator of Nutrient Management Programs at the UF/IFAS Suwannee Valley Agricultural Extension Center near Live Oak.
Today, Justin is a partner at BMP Logic in Trenton, and primarily focuses on irrigated crops of all kinds, row, vegetable, and specialty crops. In 2014 BMP started with 10 soil moisture probes, fast forward to today,  there are over 1000 probes across the country. The business continues to grow each year.
Justin’s and his teams’ main focus is not to improve crop yield, but to teach the growers agronomic facts about how their soil holds water and nutrients, as well as,  the relationship between the soil and plant use when it comes to growing their crops. The solutions are very customized and are tailored from field to field because no two growers are the same and neither are their fields.
Gray Smith said, “What they are doing at BMP Logic is just amazing.” He went on to say, “We are just tickled that somebody from Gilchrist County won this prestigious award, Gilchrist County is a strong agriculture county.”
This yearly award recognizes individuals who have performed outstanding service for farmer clients in nutrient, soil, water and integrated pest management, as well as crop production.

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