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City Commission in favor of Food Truck Rally and Music Concert in January

The City Commission, sitting as the Trenton Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Governing Board Monday night, took action to recommend the City of Trenton Commission approve a proposed Food Truck Rally and Music Concert to be held in a two day format in the City of Trenton. Mayor Lee Deen explained that he had communicated with several music groups to perform during the two-day festival and the Saturday evening performance would feature up and coming country music celebrity, Brandon Davis. Mayor Deen explained this outstanding artist will be a part of an upcoming tour and opening concerts for Tim McGraw in 2022.
The CRA board discussed the costs of securing law enforcement and promotional work for having the festival January 28 and 29, 2022 in Trenton. Commissioner Cloud Haley made a motion to recommend the approval of the production to the Trenton City Commission and have the City of Trenton allow the festival to be held the last weekend in January. Commissioner Craig Ruede gave a second to the motion as the board approved the motion by a 4-0 vote. Commissioner Marsha Hellams was not in attendance during the CRA meeting. The City Commission will hold their next meeting January 10th, and in that meeting will take action on the recommendation from the CRA board to approve the downtown festival.
The CRA board discussed the project of having an automated audiovisual system installed in the Trenton Community Center to improve the public address system in the community center. The City staff reported they had received a proposal from O’Cull Electric, LLC of Ocala to provide a system and install an automated AV system in the Trenton Community Center for $19,391.54.
Pat Watson reported to the board that this AV system would allow presentations to be given to the Commission during their meetings held monthly in the Trenton Community Center. This system can be controlled via iPad, Android Tablet, Mac or PC and has full capability of being integrated with the Gilchrist County security system with video and panic/intrusion integration.
Commissioner Cloud Haley made a motion to approve the proposed system if City Attorney David M. Lang, Jr. reviews the proposal and it meets the needs of the City of Trenton. Commissioner Craig Ruede gave a second to the motion in support of the action. The board voted 4-0 to move forward on this proposal.
The City Commission heard requests for street signs to be installed on the many streets and intersections in Trenton. The Commission requested that staff have the Public Works Department install the street signs as soon as possible in the community.
Board Member Requests:
Commissioner Craig Ruede asked the board, what needs to be done to have the Traffic Light in the City of Trenton adjusted to keep the traffic from backing up? Commissioner Ruede explained, the traffic on US-129 on Monday was backed up all the way south of the Trenton Fire Station on U.S.-129.
Attorney Lang explained, the City of Trenton is responsible for the maintenance of the traffic light through FDOT, but the City of Trenton can’t make any adjustments. He explained, FDOT still needs to approve and allow the City of Trenton to place golf cart crossings on state highways through the City of Trenton.
Commissioner Ruede asked the Trenton staff if American and state flags in the City of Trenton could be lowered to half staff when state officials request the lowering of the flag to honor someone of something.
Commissioner Haley reported, “The best thing that happened to me lately, I had an opponent run against me in the recent Trenton City Election.”
Haley pointed out that he was able to get out into the residential areas in the community and talk with many Trenton voters. They reported to me that they wanted to see more of the Trenton Police Department on patrol during the daytime. The Trenton residents also would like to have the water in the City of Trenton improved. The recently re-elected Commission explained that residents want to see more street signs in the community. He explained, the registered voters would like to see the hiring of more multi cultured employees in the City of Trenton. Commissioner Haley asked if City Elections could be changed to the same dates as the state and national elections.
Commissioner Haley explained that he would like to see the City of Trenton hire a grant writer for Trenton. Commissioner Haley praised the Gilchrist Chamber of Commerce and Trenton Department of Public Safety for doing such a great job this past Friday night on the Down Home Christmas program. This was a good event for the City of Trenton, Haley added.