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Jet Ski vs. Boat Accident on the Santa Fe sends four to the hospital

By Cindy Jo Ayers On Monday, the Gilchrist County Journal learned of a tragic boating incident on the Santa Fe River. According to an eyewitness report, the driver of a jet ski jumped the wake of a boat and landed in the path of an oncoming boat. The citizen that reported the incident said the  boat that hit the jet ... Full Story »

COVID-19 Drive through testing in Gilchrist this week

Drive through testing took place this week in Gilchrist County. Trenton testing was held near the bus loop by the new gym. Gilchrist, Levy and Dixie County Health Department employees were at three stations collecting information and performing the test around 8:30 on Tuesday, May 26. Nurse Elizabeth Powers said that in the first hours of testing they did about ... Full Story »

Watermelons starting to move in Gilchrist

Wilkerson’s Farm workers were busy loading watermelons between Bell and Trenton on Monday morning.  Harvesting is May through June and done by cutting the melon from the vine by hand.    According  to Brittany Lee of Alachua County Farm Bureau Farm Facts, the 2017 USDA Census of Agriculture, Levy County has the largest acreage of watermelons in the state, with Gilchrist ... Full Story »

After 40 years at Best Drugs Theresa Gentry is retiring

Many Gilchrist County citizens will be sad to hear that longtime pharmacy tech Theresa Gentry has officially retired from Best Drugs in Trenton. Gentry started her job when she was in her mid 20s in 1980. She was hired by Larry Diaz, who owned the local drug store in Trenton, as a part time clerk. In the beginning she worked ... Full Story »

Daniel Schreiber promoted to Lieutenant Colonel while serving in Japan

On May 1st, Daniel Schreiber, a 2001 graduate of Bell High School, was promoted to  Lieutenant Colonel in a ceremony performed at Misawa Air Base in northern Japan. Lt. Col. Schreiber is an instructor fighter pilot in the F-16 “Viper” at Misawa performing multiple mission sets to include Suppression/Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses and Defensive/Offensive Counter Air operations.  He has ... Full Story »

Longtime Tax Collector W.W. Welch passes away

Citizens of Gilchrist County were sad to learn that longtime and very much respected former Gilchrist County Tax Collector W.W. “Wimpy” Welch passed away on April 29, 2020 at Ayers Health and Rehabilitation Center in Trenton.  Welch was the Gilchrist County Tax Collector  from 1973 to 2004. After his appointment to the office he only had one opponent in his ... Full Story »

Local McDonald’s providing meal to first responders until May 5

The owners of the Trenton, Chiefland, Cross City and Williston McDonald’s restaurants will be providing meals to all emergency personnel or first responders until May 5. The area McDonald’s started providing the meals on April 22 from all their locations. Kenneth Kocian one of the owners, who is a retired first responder himself from NYPD, remembers well the plight of ... Full Story »

Down on the Farm Fun at Red, White and Blues Farm

Looking for a fun day in the sun with your family? The Red, White & Blues Farm would be a great place to visit. Eighty beautiful acres of sweet blueberries are just a few miles away between Bronson and Williston. The farm has eight varieties of blueberries to choose from and visitors to the farm are encouraged to taste them ... Full Story »

“Gilchrist Remembers” Sergeant Ramirez and Deputy Lindsey

Two years ago this week two young Gilchrist County Sheriff’s deputies were gunned down while eating lunch in Trenton. The tragedy happened on Thursday, April 19, 2018 at 3 p.m. A lone gunman shot and killed two Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Deputies at a local restaurant in Trenton. Sgt. Ramirez was 29 at the time of his death. He left behind ... Full Story »

Kristen Burke is Recipient of National Science Foundation Fellowship

The parents of Kristen Burke are excited to share that Kristen has been selected to receive the 2020 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Award. Presently Kristen is a Graduate Student Researcher in the Population Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin. She is a Bell High School 2010 graduate and received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science ... Full Story »