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Weaver and Drew honored at Suwannee River Fair

Longtime County Agents Marvin Weaver from Gilchrist County and Anthony Drew from Levy County were honored for their many years of service at the Suwannee River Fair and Youth Livestock Show. Marvin Weaver who has been the County Agent in Gilchrist County since 1980 has been involved with the fair for some 38 years. Weaver started out as the Steer ... Full Story »

A Desire to “Make a difference”

A desire to ”make a difference” is what motivates people to seek public office. In my opinion it is an honorable undertaking. My name is Bob Clemons and it is my privilege to announce my desire to serve as your representative from District 2 on the County Commission. My wife, Wanda, and I live on a farm just outside of ... Full Story »

Monday Storm

Gilchrist County experienced some extreme weather early Monday morning which damaged several buildings including this home on Northwest 3rd Ave. Trenton. The homeowner was at work when the tree fell on his home so no one was injured. James Campbell, the Emergency Operations Chief, said there was scattered damage throughout the county including fallen trees and power outages. Full Story »

Trenton man picked up in “Operation Be Mine”

Putnam County Law enforcement announced on Wednesday, March 7, that 14 men were accused of soliciting online for sex with someone they thought was a 14 year old or younger girl. Among those arrests was Brandon Austin Riggs, 26, who gave Trenton, Florida as his address. It was reported that Riggs is or was a Florida Department of Corrections juvenile ... Full Story »

Murder Trial in Burrow’s Case began with jury selection on Tuesday

The First Degree Murder trial in the Joyce Burrow case began on Tuesday, March 6, with the start of jury selection for the trial. Joyce Burrow, 55 of Bell was found laying in the roadway in front of her home on July 24, 2013, at 3 a.m. Burrow was later pronounced dead at Shands Hospital. Known locally as “Ms. Joyce”, ... Full Story »

Car Fire at McDonald’s

The Trenton Fire Department and Gilchrist County Fire Rescue responded to a vehicle fire on Monday, February 26, at 10:18 p.m. in the McDonald’s Drive-Thru in Trenton. The dispatcher reported that structures were in danger at 209 East Wade Street when the call went out to fire fighters. When the units arrived on scene, an estimated five minutes later, a ... Full Story »

Dear Gilchrist County Citizens

Submitted Dear Gilchrist County Citizens: My name is Bill Martin and it is an honor to introduce myself as a candidate for County Commissioner District 2. My family has resided in Gilchrist County for 3 generations. My grandfather was a farmer in this area. My father was in the U.S. Air Force for twenty three years, after retirement we came ... Full Story »

Facility at Palms Medical Group in Bell to double in size

Construction is underway at the Palms Medical Group in Bell. The expansion will more than double the size of the existing facility. Palms Medical Group was awarded a grant from Health and Human Services for the expansion of the facilities. Palms was one of 290 health centers to receive this funding. Anita Riels, Chief Executive Officer of Palms Medical Group ... Full Story »

Sunday Alcohol sales approved in City of Trenton

The Trenton City Commission approved Sunday alcohol sales beginning immediately for all retail sales inside the municipality Monday evening during the second and final reading of the ordinance. On a motion by Commissioner Haley and a second by Commissioner Davis to approve Ordinance 2018-01 to allow retail businesses to sell alcoholic beverages on Sunday in the City of Trenton. Mayor ... Full Story »

Gilchrist to purchase voting equipment, save $ over leasing

The Gilchrist County Commission took action on Monday to purchase voting equipment instead of leasing the voting machines to save over $100K by the end of the ten-year lease program. Gilchrist Clerk of Court Todd Newton reported to the Commission that after the finance committee took a closer look at the lease, they determined that in the eighth year the ... Full Story »